The Night Note: 01/30/09

News you need to know

The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

Federal Regulators Seize Md.'s Suburban Federal Bank

Federal regulators this evening seized Suburban Federal Savings Bank in Crofton, Md., in the first bank failure in the Washington area since 1993. Suburban Federal, a small bank with seven branches, was immediately sold to Virginia-based Bank of Essex. All deposits were protected. (WashingtonPost)

Biden to Helm Task Force on Middle Class

For anyone expecting Vice President Biden to disappear in a sea of strong-willed Cabinet heavyweights, an event at the White House on Friday morning was a signal: President Obama is really interested in giving Biden a higher profile. At a crowded ceremony in the East Wing of the White House, Obama launched a task force on the middle class -- and put Biden in charge of it. Obama acknowledged that the task force comes at a moment of crisis -- just as the economy is experiencing, he said, the "worst contraction in close to three decades" with the release of new data showing the economy had shrunk 3.8 percent last quarter. (Washington Post)

Prince George's Pushes for Speed Cameras

The Prince George's County Council is again aiming to get speed cameras in the county and is making it the top local priority in the General Assembly this year. At a meeting Jan. 13 with county lobbyists to outline their goals for the 90-day session that began Jan. 14, council members said they want permission to install roadway devices that will fine speeding motorists, the same way Montgomery County has since 2007. (

Prince William Police Dog Goes on Last Patrol

Draco, the canine half of Prince William police K-9 Unit 425, worked his last shift Wednesday night. After nine and a half years, Draco is free to do as he pleases. Master Police Officer Kevin Jennings, Draco’s handler and the other half of the team, said that in his retirement Draco would probably do a lot of “laying around the backyard.” (

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