Teachers Reflect on Misery of Rejected White House Kindergartners

These bad traffic-predictors refuse to admit fault in any way

Hilarity ensued last week when a bunch of kindergartners were shunted away from the White House so Barack Obama could hang out with that football team, the Steelers.

 "We were going to the White House, but we couldn’t get in so I felt sad," were 5-year-old Cameron Stine's eternal words.

Aww. His chaperoning mother, Paty Stine, wasn't happy either, noting that she "was angry cause they [the children] were disappointed." Clearly she had no interest in visiting the White House, either.

Still, the problem wasn't what the parents made it out to be -- they made it out to be the fault of the White House, where children are despised -- and was really that they didn't plan for traffic and showed up 10 million hours late.

And in this morning's Washington Times, we discover what terribly miserable things the parents made their poor kindergartners do instead:

They continued with their backup plan: filling out a worksheet about the number of steps at the Lincoln Memorial and discussing life cycles while watching baby ducks at the Reflecting Pool.

But they had to return to Virginia before getting a chance to "fill out a worksheet" about the number of grass blades in Anacostia.

These do not appear to be Virginia's sunniest teachers, you see: "Teachers used the circumstance to teach the children about life's disappointments."

Good heavens! Has the reading specialist been going through a divorce?

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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