Students, Teachers Must Pay for Budget Shortfall

Loudoun County Schools adjust to a smaller budget

Students and teachers in Loudoun County will have to shoulder part of the burden for a major budget shortfall. The school board voted 8-1 on Monday to institute new fees for students, while cutting benefits to teachers.

Students who drive to school will now have to pay a fee of $200 per year to park in school lots. In addition, students who want to play school sports will be charged $100.

Teachers will carry their share of the burden as well; school employees won't be getting any raises, and they will have to pay more for health care deductibles and co-pays.

The changes come on the heels of some belt-tightening by the county. Last week, the Board of Supervisors voted to cut school spending by $13 million.

Decreasing home values in Loudoun County have caused a steep drop in the county's tax revenue.

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