Students Charged in Theft, Crash of Driver’s Ed Car on School Grounds


Five Northern Virginia students have been charged for allegedly stealing a driver's ed car from a Loudoun County high school and crashing it on school grounds.

Officers arrived at the scene around 6 a.m. June 11 to find the empty car left crashed into a tree on the grounds of Potomac Falls High School in Sterling, said the Loudoun Country Sheriff's Office.

An investigation led deputies to identify seven suspects, all of whom are male students. Five of the suspects are 18; the other two are 17.

Three of the 18-year-old suspects face charges of unlawful use of a vehicle and destruction of property; the other two are charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Authorities said charges are pending against the two 17-year-old suspects.

The suspects' names have not been released.

Potomac Falls seniors graduated Thursday.

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