‘Speed Trap’ Catching Drivers in Northeast DC

Speed camera controversies are nothing new in this area, but there is one camera in particular that has been nabbing people over and over again to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Drivers are being caught by a speed camera in the 600 block of Kenilworth Avenue in Northeast Washington. One driver got ticket after ticket and couldn’t figure out why.

"Every day for 12 days, I got a speeding ticket,” said Andras, a driver who didn’t want to provide his last name. “Before I even received the first one in the mail. So now, I have $1,500 in speeding tickets."

Along Kenilworth Avenue, the speed limit varies depending on which stretch of road people are traveling. In one section, the speed limit is 50 mph, but a short distance away, the speed limit drops to 25 mph. When the road starts to curve near Benning Road, the speed limit picks back up to 35 mph.

The Metropolitan Police Department said a speed camera was placed on Kenilworth Avenue because of excessive speeding in the area. They have not said why the speed limits change so frequently.

Drivers have been lighting up local listserves, saying the area is a classic speed trap. Anders is wondering what he can do after he got so many tickets in such a short time.

“I wish that I would have gotten the first one sooner," he said, adding he does plan to fight the tickets.

The speed camera at that location was missing Thursday. It was unclear why, although it is possible the camera was moved to a new location in the area.

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