Sights From Opening Day at Nationals Park

Check out some of the grub and gear at Opening Day at Nationals Park.

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Conor Hollingsworth
Nationals fans line up for entry to Opening Day. The Nationals are playing the Mets in the first game of the season.
Conor Hollingsworth
A super fan arrives decked out in Nationals gear.
Conor Hollingsworth
Warm-up time for the Nationals ahead of playing the Mets. This is the fourth time the Nationals have faced the Mets on Opening Day.
Conor Hollingsworth
A couple in Nationals merchandise awaits the gates' opening.
This group brought their whole family out on a school day to see the day's events.
Conor Hollingsworth
The field is prepared for the Opening Day festivities.Opening Day is sold out for the eighth consecutive year.
Conor Hollingsworth
There was a huge array of food options to choose from, including fresh seafood.
Conor Hollingsworth
The food options were endless at Opening Day.
There are some fans who are less than thrilled about Bryce Harper's trade to the day's opposing team.
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