Show Of Support For Bradley Manning

Billboard: "Free Bradley Manning"

A group is showing its support for the Army analyst accused of handing over thousands of classified documents to the Wikileaks website, with a new billboard on New York Avenue.

The billboard features a picture of Bradley Manning, along with the words "blowing the whistle on a war crimes is not a crime."

The billboard was paid for by the Bradley Manning Support Network.

"Americans deserve to know the truth. We want to make sure the truth is visible during Bradley’s pre-trial hearing,” organizer Jeff Paterson wrote in a press release.

Manning, 24, faces almost two dozen charges for leaking the documents.

A military hearing was held at Fort Meade in Maryland last month, and military lawyers argued the leak compromised national security.

A ruling on whether he'll face a court martial is expected by January 16. He faces life in prison.

The billboard will be up for at least 30 days. If successful, supporters anticipate also purchasing DC Metro and bus ads for June and July.

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