Show Me The Money, “Bailout Bill”

Businessman hands out free money at Union Station

He goes by the name "Bailout Bill," and on Wednesday he passed out the bucks at Union Station.

The Internet entrepreneur was scheduled to hand out free money at Union Station until 4 p.m. Wednesday (or until his $450,000 in cash ran out) in an effort to promote his new Web site,

How does he decide who gets the money?  All you have to do is share your story of economic hardship and "Bailout Bill" will give you anywhere from $50 to $3,000.  The money giveaway began at 10 a.m. 

D.C. resident Byron Mitchell was one of the first people in line and got $100.  Mitchell said he was laid off in October and has a slew of parking tickets that he cannot afford to pay. 

Antoine Dyson also got $100.  Dyson broke his wrist and has been unable to work.  He plans to use the money to help pay for his son's school tuition. 

"Bailout Bill" said he could have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for an advertising campaign, but said he would rather promote his new business by putting money in people's pockets.

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