Seal Pup's Birth at National Zoo Inspires the Most Adorable Twitter War Ever

This is one war where everyone wins

Just days after her birth, an adorable seal pup at the National Zoo has already sparked an intense battle on social media. 

The National Zoo announced on Twitter Wednesday it welcomed the gray seal pup on Jan. 21.

A radio host in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area then tweeted about the pup's cuteness, saying "your move" to the aquarium in Virginia Beach. The aquarium accepted the challenge and shot back at the National Zoo with a photo of an otter and osprey.

And that's when the best, most lovable Twitter war began.

The seal pup's mother, Kara, is the oldest gray seal to give birth in a zoo. She is 33 years old.

Keepers have been monitoring the pup and say she appears to be nursing, moving around and bonding well with mom.

As of Tuesday, she weighed in at 37 pounds. When she is three weeks old the precious pup will wean and shed her white furry coat, revealing a gray pattern similar to the adults, the zoo said.

The pup is the third for Kara and 26-year-old father, Gunther.

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