RGIII Moves Into “Heisman House” In Nissan Commercials

Robert Griffin III has officially been a Redskin for over four months now (time flies, huh?), but one question still remains: Is his acting range better than his throwing range?

We've seen RGIII air it out a few times (albeit unsuccessfully; his longest completed pass in the preseason went for 20 yards), but we've also seen him hurdle his way to Subway (which, personally, seems like a burden if you're just trying to get lunch) and act very seriously in an Adidas advertisement, among other commercials.

Now Griffin can add comedy to his acting resume; Nissan rolled out its "Heisman House" campaign last week. The following is the true story of several Heisman Trophy winners picked to live in a mansion, coexisting and having their likenesses exploited to sell midsize sedans and SUVs...you know the rest.

Man, Ron Dayne got fat.

Anyway, last week, RGIII said he was "better" at playing football than making commercials. I don't know. The kid's got acting chops.

But for those of you sick of hearing about the ads (sorry) and ready for football, you only have to wait five more days.

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