RGIII, Fellow NFL Rookies Review Respective “Madden NFL 13” Rankings

EA Sports' "Madden NFL 13" hits stores tomorrow and, based on reviews, should be one of the best installments of the franchise to date.

Nothing can be more exciting to a NFL rookie than finally being able to play as himself in the venerable video game (you know, except for actually playing in the NFL), so a few weeks ago, SB Nation asked several of them, including Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, for their predictions on their overall ratings.

Unfortunately (or more appropriately, fortunately), "humility" is not a rating in the game.

"My overall 'Madden 13' rating should be a 90," Griffin said in the video. RGIII was close; his overall rating was an 83, which places him in the top 25 among quarterbacks in the game. RGIII's guess was not a stretch by any means (he is the fastest quarterback in the entire game), unlike some people's (I'm looking at you, Justin Blackmon).

Griffin closed out the video by saying that "it doesn't matter what they rate me [because] I'm just gonna boost them all up anyway."

If only real life was that simple.

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