Man Went Door-to-Door Looking for Unlocked Apartments in Md. Building: Police

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A man went door-to-door looking for unlocked apartments in a building near in College Park, Maryland, Prince George’s County police said.

A woman told police she woke up to the sound of her front door opening 5:45 a.m. Dec. 8. She didn’t find anyone, but police reviewed surveillance video from the building and found a man trying about 25 doors and entering three other apartments.

"We were able to see him go to many doors on certain floors and jiggle the door handles,” Maj. Sonny Mrotek said. “If it was locked, he'd simply move on to the next apartment door adjacent. If it was unlocked, he'd go in for a certain period of time."

Police arrested 37-year-old Aaron Nysus of Hyattsville Monday morning and charged him with fourth-degree burglary and trespassing/peeping.

“In my 27 years on this agency I have not seen someone so brazen,” Mrotek said. “He seems to have no fear."

Nysus has been charged in several similar cases since 2014, police said, and he is barred from the University of Maryland’s campus in College Park.

A Nov. 17 incident involved a female student.

"One of the female victims heard a noise, and when she awoke, she saw Mr. Nysus standing at her bedpost," Mrotek said.

She screamed and he ran away.

“We’re very happy that this did not turn into a physical altercation or a physical assault,” Mrotek said.

Police believe Nysus would get into locked buildings by following residents in.

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