Man Killed, 8-Year-Old Critically Wounded in Maryland Motorcycle Crash

The boy sustained injuries to his face, back, nose and jaw,a fundraising page says

A man is believed to have died while protecting an 8-year-old boy from the brunt of a motorcycle crash in Landover, Maryland.

The boy, Edward Julian Pope, remains in a hospital in critical condition.

Pope's mother allowed him to take a short ride with a family friend, according to a fundraising page approved by his family. Less than an hour later, police knocked on the door to inform her that her son had been hurt.

Christopher McClain, 44, of Colmar Manor, was killed. 

Pope suffered injuries to his face, jaw, nose and back, the fundraising page says. His mother is not working. The site says donations will help pay for medical bills and related expenses. His recovery is expected to take several months.

"I know that the stress of work of being a single parent mother is taking a toll on her. We've never had to do anything this serious," said Bria Davenport, Pope's 25-year-old sister.

The crash with a car occurred about 3:30 p.m. Monday on Old Landover Road near Kilmer Street, a Prince George's County Police Department representative said.

Police believe McClain pulled the brake as a car turned left in front of him. The family says that the McClain tucked his body around the boy to protect him as the motorcycle went into a slide.

McClain and Pope were rushed to a trauma center in critical condition, a representative for the county fire department said. McClain later died. 

The driver of the car remained on the scene and was unhurt, police said. The car wasn't damaged in the crash.

Police ask anyone with information to contact them.

A second motorcycle crash in Montgomery County, Maryland, left a 26-year-old woman dead on Monday. 

Priscilla Anne Alves, of Silver Spring, was killed after colliding with a car making a U-turn near East Gude Drive near Taft Court in Rockville. The driver stayed on the scene. The crash is under investigation.

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