Fairfax County

Pizza Delivery Man Caught on Video Stealing Packages in Fairfax County

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A man walked up to a home in Northern Virginia carrying a pizza — and left with a stack of packages.

Police in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County are investigating an unusual front porch theft.

Footage from a doorbell camera shows a man holding a pizza look around and walk up to a home. He waits a moment and then swipes packages from the doorstep.

Homeowner Ken Prol didn't order a pizza; he was in New York for Christmas. He was watching the theft in real time using his doorbell's app.

"Hey! Put that back!" Prol can be heard yelling through the system.

"It didn’t work but it was just kind of frustrating and a little surprising that it actually happened," he said later.

It turns out the pizza box really did have a pizza inside. Prol shared the footage on social media and within minutes a neighbor said the man "was actually her pizza delivery guy, and had the DoorDash name and everything in the app. It said who delivered it and everything."

Fairfax County police said the theft was reported and an investigation into a suspect is underway.

So what did the suspect make off with?

"Just some shampoo and hair conditioner for my fiancée," Prol said.

He reported to Amazon that the packages had been stolen, and they replaced them for free.

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