PHOTOS: The ‘Future of Sports' Exhibit

Remember when you would play sports with friends on your neighborhood block until you tired yourself out or the sun went down? That’s exactly what my friends and I did while visiting the Future of Sports.

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Future of Sports
When you first walk in, you'll see a bar, games, an illustrated running track that veers up the wall and even a DJ booth! The bar will offers specials daily from 4 to 10 p.m.
Bryan Smith
Future of Sports
The Future of Sports was inspired by Nicole Pinedo's father, Mario Pinedo, who played for Bolivia in the 1994 World Cup and later moved the family to D.C. to coach soccer. The soccer room was painted by local artist Matt Corrado.

n#BOnTop: What inspired you to create The Future of Sports?
nNP: My father was an athlete when I was young. I grew up going to his games, and also, being an athlete myself. At the same time, I've always been artistic and loved being creative. My love for both art and sports, and my life experiences inspired this project.

Bryan Smith
The cycling room
Future of Sports
#BOnTop: What do you hope people will take away from visiting this exhibit?
NP: I want people to really enjoy themselves, and also inspire them to push for the things they believe in. As they walk through each room, they can see the amount of work, time and dedication that it took to make this happen. And I hope that by seeing the work I’ve done that they realize they can achieve whatever they put their minds to as well.
Bryan Smith
You just can't help but to get active!
Future of Sports
#BOnTop: How do you define a #GirlBoss?
nNP: Someone that has tunnel vision, who is not moved by what other people are doing, but focused on her own bigger picture. Someone that does what it takes to make her goals happen, not compromising her integrity and honesty while doing so. She's a fierce leader who leads by example. Someone who pushes and inspires others around her to achieve their own dreams. Someone who is confident enough to know who she is, stays hungry and always ambitious for more.
Bryan Smith
Don't forget to sign your name in the autograph room!
Future of Sports
#BOnTop: What’s one thing you do every day to #BOnTop of being your best self?
nNP: Praying and having quiet time with God always helps me sets the tone for the day. I try to eat well, workout at least three times a week and try to get six to seven hours of sleep each night.
Bryan Smith
Future of Sports
The hologram basketball court (my personal favorite).
Bryan Smith
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Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith
Pinedo and her team used salt to fill the volleyball court
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith
Congrats to my fellow #GirlBoss Nicole Pinedo and her team for successfully pulling this off, preserving culture and blending the lines between modern-day art and athletics!
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