Patient's Family Sets Up Fund to Treat ICU Staff to Lunch for Days

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A family in Montclair, Virginia, felt they needed to do more for hospital workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic on a daily basis.

Nadege Watson's son Brandon is in intensive care after suffering severe liver complications from ulcerative colitis. He has been at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital for three weeks and found out recently he would be getting a liver transplant.

To help the heroes on the front lines, his family raised over $12,000 to feed the hardworking medical staff.

"They just have so much work to do and they have been so kind to us and taken the extra time," Watson said.

They‘re grateful that the health care workers are taking care of Brandon, while also dealing with cases of coronavirus.

Watson and her family wanted to show their appreciation. They set up a fundraising page to buy meals for the hospital staff. The meals all come from restaurants in the D.C. area.

"They have been there for us and they are holding Brandon’s hand when we cannot," said Watson.

If you're interested in donating to help the Watson family deliver meals to the hospital heroes, you can go to their fundraising page.

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