Old Bay Hot Sauce Offered for $40-$50 Per Bottle on eBay

Old Bay hot sauce
McCormick & Company

Marylanders' favorite seasoning, Old Bay, released its new hot sauce Wednesday with enormous success – the entire stock sold out online before the end of the day.

The sauce is expected to hit brick-and-mortar store shelves in early February, but eBay sellers aren't waiting. They're taking advantage of the currently limited stock to offer 10-ounce bottles for $45-$50 apiece. The suggested retail price of a 10-ounce bottle is $3.49. (Larger half-gallon bottles are listed for anywhere from $100 to a whopping $300.)

Christopher Montagano, 29, of Pennsylvania, has seven 10-ounce bottles of the sauce listed in his eBay store for $50 or best offer.

Montagano, who grew up eating the seasoning occasionally, saw an Instagram post advertising the new sauce. Since Old Bay marker McCormick said Wednesday's release would be limited to their online store only, Montagano was shocked to see the sauce on the shelf at his local Giant grocery store.

He bought just one bottle at first, but when he saw on eBay that people were selling the sauce for a massive profit, he went back to Giant and bought their remaining stock.

He declined to say which Giant store he purchased his bottles from.

Montagano received an offer of $40 for one of the bottles, which he accepted. The deal covered the cost of his other bottles. He says he enjoys the sauce a lot and wouldn’t be too disappointed if he ends up keeping his remaining stock.

Many Twitter users expressed disappointment that they couldn't get their hands on the sauce.

Montagano recommends that they search local grocery stores.

News4's anchors sample the new, and sold out, Old Bay Hot Sauce.

NBC4 anchors tried the sauce on air Wednesday night.

“It takes hot sauce and adds that little bit of Old Bay ‘je ne sais quoi’,” said NBC4 anchor Wendy Rieger.

“A little ‘je ne sais Bay',” responded anchor Leon Harris.

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