Off-Duty Officer-Involved Shooting Followed CVS Altercation: Police

An off-duty officer accused of shooting up a car carrying five people, some of whom were transgender, had exchanged words with the driver of the victim’s car inside and down the street from a CVS prior to the shooting, according to court documents.

Three of the five people in the car were in the CVS in the 400 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW about 4:45 a.m. Friday when they first encountered Officer Kenneth Furr, according to court documents. One had a conversation with Furr before another got involved in some sort of verbal altercation with the officer.

Furr left first but continued the dispute when one of the victims passed by him in a parked white Cadillac, according to court documents. He allegedly pointed a gun at the victim, who reported the gun to the off-duty police officer working security at the CVS. That officer checked it out but decided nothing needed to be done about the gun when he learned the suspect also was on the force, according to court documents.

A short time later, the three from the CVS and two others got into a car. The driver, who was involved in both verbal altercations with Furr, spotted him driving the Cadillac and followed it, later telling investigators he wanted to see if he could another chance to report Furr pointing the gun, according to court documents.

Furr stopped his car and the trailing driver tried to drive around Furr, who allegedly stepped out with the gun and pointed it. The driver said he ducked, heard shots and then collided with Furr’s car, according to court documents. The driver said he saw Furr standing on the vehicle firing shots into it.

Officers in the area heard a crash and shots fired and went to the scene, police said. There they saw Furr on the vehicle, pointing the gun at the windshield and ordered him to drop the weapon.

The front-seat passenger suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the arm and hand.

Furr was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. A breath-test revealed a blood-alcohol level of 0.15 and he also was charged with driving while intoxicated.

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