Obstruction Charges Reveal Disturbing Accusations in Swann St. Slaying

Attorney killed in August 2006

Authorities investigating the August 2006 slaying of a prominent attorney at a D.C. townhouse have arrested a man who lived there on obstruction of justice charges.

Dylan Ward, 38, was expected to appear in federal court in Florida on Friday. Ward's arrest is the first in connection with the fatal stabbing of 32-year-old Robert Wone. He was stabbed three times in the chest as he stayed overnight at the townhouse near Dupont Circle.

Ward was arrested Wednesday in Dade County, Fla., where he now lives. His attorney says his client is innocent and will not fight extradition to D.C. He is expected to appear in court in D.C. next week.

Police have said that the crime scene was altered and cleaned and that Ward and his housemates -- Joseph Price and Victor Zaborsky -- did not fully cooperate with the investigation.

Ward, Price and Zaborsky told police that an intruder must have killed Wone, according to an affidavit.

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However, "there was not one shred of non-fanciful evidence that there was any intruder present inside 1509 Swann Street at around the time Robert Wone was killed," the affidavit read.


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Wone was restrained, incapacitated, sexually assaulted and then killed, according to court documents.

Ward, Price and Zaborsky were involved in a three-way relationship, according to court papers, and there was probable cause that all three obstructed justice by altering and orchestrating the crime scene, planting evidence, and delaying the reporting of the death to authorities. Medics said it appeared that Wone had been stabbed, showered, redressed and placed on the bed on which they found him. Needle puncture marks led the medics to believe Wone may have been injected with an incapacitating drug, according to court documents.

"At a press conference more than a year ago, we called on the former residents of 1509 Swann Street ... to provide a full and honest account of what happened in their house on Aug. 2, 2006," lawyers for Wone's family said in a statement about the new charges. "On behalf of Robert’s family and friends, we reiterate that call now. It is never too late to tell the truth."

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