National Zoo's Panda Cub, Bei Bei, Is Trying So Very Hard to Stand

Bei Bei is trying so very hard to stand, but legs are confusing when you're only a little more than two months old.

The National Zoo's giant panda cub was seen on panda cam video captured by WTOP's Kristi King, which shows him scooting around the den he shares with mama Mei Xiang.

In the video, the ambitious cub is shown repeatedly trying to get his still-stubby back legs beneath him, but they keep slipping away from him. (Side note to Bei Bei: We know you must be frustrated, little one, but don't give up! You've got this.) 

Although he's not quite able to stand yet, Bei Bei is still hitting plenty of milestones. He weighs nearly a pound more than his big brother, Tai Shan, did at the same age. He's also teething now, and his eyes fully opened last month.

And Mei Xiang can breathe a sigh of relief -- Bei Bei's likely still got some time before he's fully mobile. His big sister, Bao Bao, learned to crawl and then walk between three and five months old.

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