Mom Testifies in Baby Heroin Overdose Case

Roommates were babysitting child

A Springfield mother charged in the heroin overdose of her 5-month-old child took the stand in her own defense today.

Marilyn R. Fischl, 36, told the court that she did not supply the heroin that her child ingested.

It happened last July, while Fischl's two roommates were babysitting her children.

The roommates were snorting lines of heroin and one of them testified Tuesday that the baby grabbed the paper used to wrap it, and started chewing on it.

Soon the child started to suck continually even though nothing was in his mouth, and his eyes rolled to the back of  his head.

The boy, who has since recovered, suffered an overdose, doctors said.

Fischl is charged with child abuse and neglect.

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