Mom of Missing Children Again Deemed Incompetent to Stand Trial

The hearing will determine whether Catherine Hoggle is competent to stand trial.

A Maryland woman police believe is responsible for the death of her two toddlers was once again found incompetent to stand trial, but the prosecution now wants their own doctors to examine her. 

The judge approved Monday the state's attorney's request for an open hearing on Catherine Hoggle's competency. State’s Attorney John McCarthy also requested that his own doctors involved in the hearing. 

"Our request today was essentially that the court set -- in open court -- a hearing that would allow us to explore the conclusions reached by the evaluating doctor at Clifton T. Perkins," McCarthy said.

McCarthy says the hearing will also allow the judge to explore questions with the defendant herself.

Hoggle is charged with misdemeanor child neglect, abduction and hindering law enforcement in connection with the 2014 disappearance of Sarah and Jacob Hoggle. Hoggle has been found incompetent to stand trial several times, and has been ordered to continue to treatment at Perkins Hospital Center.

Hoggle's attorney, David Felsen, believes the prosecution's doctors will not uncover any new information.

"The evaluation that's going to be set in 60 days is going to essentially be the argument that you see here," Felsen said. "I understand the family's position. We have sympathy for the family."

Hoggle, whom police say was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, said she left her children with someone where they would be safe. She has refused to say where they are, and authorities have said they believe the children are dead.

But Sarah and Jacob's father is still holding out hope.

"She possibly killed my children, but at the same time, I think that they're out there. I dont have that feeling inside of me that they're not with me anymore," Troy Turner said. 

Hoggle's next hearing will be held on April 25. 

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