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‘Missing Middle' Under Consideration By Arlington County Board

While some Arlington residents support it, others think the proposal needs changes

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The Arlington County Board heard from residents Tuesday about a controversial proposal that aims to address the housing crisis.

Board members are considering a concept called "Missing Middle," which would try to help address the shortfall in the housing supply and close gaps in housing options.

"'Missing middle' is a commonly-used term that refers to the range of housing types that fit between single-family detached homes and mid-to-high-rise apartment buildings," an Arlington website with information about a 2020 study on the subject explains. "Examples include duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, and more."

The proposal would re-zone neighborhoods currently exclusively reserved for single-family homes, and allow developers to build low-rise, multi-unit structures that are more affordable.

Nearly 250 people showed up to a county board meeting on Saturday to speak about the plan.

While some Arlington residents support it, others think the proposal needs changes.

"I want there to be affordable options for renters, for buyers, for young families, for young adults, for retirees, for all of us," said resident Denise Kappler.

"The proposal violates the land use plan by destroying single-family neighborhoods, not limiting development to Metro corridors, and not preserving lower-density, residential areas," said Stephanie Daring, another resident. "Instead, the proposal promotes high-density development in every corner of the county."

The Arlington County board is expected to vote on the Missing Middle proposal on Wednesday.

Click here to learn more about the Missing Middle proposal and study.

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