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Monet and Greg are a hardworking couple who recently had a young daughter named Skyler. Skyler was diagnosed with a thyroid issue at only two weeks old, and things have been really tough for the family to make everything work with their crippling medical bills. Doctors predict Skyler will need surgery at just 15 weeks old.


After Skyler’s diagnosis, doctors warned she was highly susceptible to infections because of thyroid complications, and further infections could lead to the closing of her breathing passageways and possibly death.


Over the summer, the family’s HVAC went out, and Monet Caldwell stayed strong without A/C throughout her pregnancy!


Our owner Basim Mansour heard of this story, and knew we had to intervene. Michael & Son techs came in and saved the day with installing a brand new HVAC system. Afterwards, Michael and Son sent the family on a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium, complete with a dinner at the amazing Chart House restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland.


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