Silver Line Inching Toward Completion

Metro is closer than ever to assuming control of the Silver Line in Northern Virginia -- in fact, a major announcement could come as soon as Wednesday.

According to an announcement from Bechtel Corporation -- the contractor of the project -- the Silver Line could be submitted Wednesday for final testing and approval.

“We are very pleased with the progress and moving the Silver Line one step closer to full operation. This achievement is a testament to the commitment of our team and Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) to deliver the world-class rail system the region deserves," Bechtel's executive director on the project Larry Melton said.

The MWAA, which is overseeing the construction, will have to decide if the project is ready to go to Metro.

Once the project is handed over, Metro will have up to 90 days to put the Silver Line through its own set of tests, before anyone can take a ride on a train. It is important to note there is no opening date for when riders will be able to board trains.

For commuters like Sean Tucker, who drives an hour and a half every day from Herndon to the Navy Yard, this matters. He said he'd rather be riding Metro from Reston to the Navy Yard instead of grinding it out on traffic.

"As soon as the train starts, I will start commuting on the train," Tucker said.

Project leaders have been extremely cautious about talking about any specifics related to the line. Most cite the fact that all the parties involved are committed to getting the project open.

Behind closed doors, there is still some uncertainty. In a matter of days, the project will start a process that will eventually get the line open to the public.

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