Mean Anti-McDonnell PAC Raking It in With Scary Ads

Democratic PAC Common Sense VA is hammering Bob McDonnell with (apparently!) inappropriate YouTubes

You may have seen this comical ad quite a bit recently while scrolling through your Internets showing Republican candidate for Virginia governor Bob McDonnell in a dumb vacation shirt, with a jerky little grin, next to his friends, the Devil and Beelzebub. That's because the political action committee behind this "The Real Bob McDonnell" campaign, Common Sense VA, suddenly has a lot of money.

Common Sense VA has been hitting McDonnell hard over his stance against accepting federal stimulus money to bolster the state unemployment insurance fund, which he and fellow state Republicans claim would permanently raise the unemployment tax companies pay on every employee. He even signed a letter with other Republican leaders and "business advocacy groups" declaring his stance.

A letter, for Heaven's sake!

Here's a short video that Common Sense VA -- which got a whopping $740,000 check from the Democratic Governors Association Tuesday -- made in response to McDonnell's Evil Letter. The PAC appears to have gone around to state employment commissions and asked unemployed people, "How do you feel about Bob McDonnell hating your filthy guts?"

And here's an interesting note: when your NBCWashington contributor began writing this article, a different version of this video with VERY SCARY music was the one Common Sense VA had been using, but within the last few minutes it was removed and replaced with this, which is slightly (very slightly) less manipulative.

These PACs, they are so mean.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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