Local Nonprofit to Drive Donations to Southern Border to Help Migrant Children in Need

Kindness goes a long way, and a local nonprofit is taking it all the way to the US-Mexico border.

KindWorks, a nonprofit based in Montgomery County, plans to drive a truck filled with donations to the Southern border to help migrant children in need.

When Debra Lang first heard about the poor living conditions for migrant children, she said she knew she wanted to help.

"That is a fixable problem. We can all collect supplies and donate supplies and get them down there and give the kids what they need," said Lang, who runs the nonprofit.

She and her friends worked with Rockville High School's football team to load a moving truck packed with clothes, diapers, toiletries and more. 

Some of the players are immigrants themselves, including Fred Togue, who is originally from Cameroon.

"Back in my country, a lot of kids have been going through the same thing, and I’m lucky to not have gone through that," Togue said.

Arnold Guevara, another player, has family from El Salvador.

"It feels good to help those people in need," Guevara said. "Those people over there need it more than I do."

Lang had the option to ship the supplies to the border, but she and her friends decided to drive the truck down themselves.

"Shaking hands and meeting people and giving them things really brings it home and makes it so personal," she said.

The project took about three weeks to organize, and the long drive is still ahead, but Lang said it will all be worth it.

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