Man Pretends to Be Rideshare Driver, Robs Woman at Her Bethesda Apartment

A woman says a man who she thought was a rideshare driver followed her into her apartment in Bethesda, Maryland, and robbed her.

The woman was out with friends in D.C.'s U Street cooridor when she ordered a rideshare service to take her home about 4 a.m. Saturday March 30.

When she saw a white sedan pull up to the curb, she got inside. 

She said she thought it was strange when the driver didn't know her destination, but gave him the address.

When they arrived to her apartment, the driver demanded she pay him. She said she told him she had paid for the ride through the app and she didn't owe him money.

But the suspect followed her into her apartment building.

Surveillance video then shows the suspect grabbing for her purse inside the elevator.

"He followed me to the elevator, where he tried to assault me twice and tried to take my purse. And at that moment, I was extremely terrified," the victim told News4. She did not want to be identified.

Once they reached her apartment, he forced his way in, she said.

"He had his shoulders against the door and pretty much bum rushed the door and got in," she said.

He took some of her belongings before running off.

Police say the man didn't work for any rideshare companies. They are asking anyone with information about the suspect or the robbery to call 240-773-5100.

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