Man Charged After Being Seen Naked in His Home

Woman, son saw man naked inside his house

SPRINGFIELD, Va. -- A Springfield man is facing indecent exposure charges after allegedly standing naked inside his home as a woman and her 7-year-old son walked by, police said.

Eric Williamson, 29, denied any wrongdoing, saying any exposure was accidental, but the Fairfax County Police Department saw it differently.

Williamson told FOX5 that he was making coffee in his kitchen naked at 5:30 a.m. Monday and didn't know anyone could see him. The mother, who was walking her son to the school bus stop, told police it happened at 8:30 a.m.

"She says she heard a noise, looked over and saw a naked man standing in the open doorway, that carport doorway, and that she quickly got on the sidewalk and started to pass by the house and once again saw the same naked man in one of the front windows," police spokeswoman Mary Ann Jennings said.

Williamson is an underwater construction diver. The company he worked for rents the house for its employees, but one of Williamson's roommates said the company fired Williamson for missing work Friday.

Williamson was acting strange Monday morning, the roommate said.

"We wake up to Eric running around the house with nothing but a work hardhat on, butt naked," the roommate said.

"I was upstairs, downstairs without clothes on for several hours," Williamson told NBC4 Wednesday. "And then I ended up putting pants on when I guess that act got old I ended up putting some pants on."

Williamson said he doesn't have an exact time frame for when he was naked and when he was clothed.

"If she's walking down the road and she said she saw me naked, it's a good possibility," he said.

"The issue here is that this man stood before open door and open window and made no apparent effort to cover himself or get out of the plain sight," Jennings said.

Police canvassed the neighborhood looking for anyone who knows of similar incidents.

Police would not pursue a case based on inadvertent exposure, Jennings said.

The charge is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

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