Local Egyptians React To Change In Egypt

After Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced he would resign Friday, a handful of people celebrated outside the Egyptian Embassy in northwest D.C. One man held a placard that read, "Egypt is back" and "Glory to the Arab youth."

Tamer Mahmoud was among those at the embassy Friday.

"As soon as we heard the news, we decided to come to the front of the Egyptian Embassy, hoping to meet other Egyptians. We're hoping more Egyptians start showing up here and maybe in front of the White House. We don't know where, but we will be celebrating," Mahmoud says.

He said he had spoken with his family in Egypt.

"They are all out in the street celebrating in Cairo," he said. "They are sending me all kinds of pictures. Everybody's out celebrating. People are holding up flags and chanting, marching down the streets ... every street in Cairo. The expression I keep hearing them say: 'It's as if we just won the World Cup.'"

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