Legislation Would Require Maryland Gas Stations Display Highest Prices

Legislation proposed in Maryland would require gas stations advertise the highest price.

Often times the advertised price for a gallon of gas is for cash only, and the higher price for credit cards is not displayed or harder to find.

“That's bait and switch,” said state Sen. Cheryl Kagan, D-District 17.

She wants to put the brakes on what she says is a deceptive practice, even though it's completely legal.

“So my bill just says you either have to post the highest price, which is generally going to be the credit card price, the price that most of us will be paying, or you can post both,” Kagan said. “Your choice.”

She said 75 percent of consumers pay for gas with credit cards.

“The gas station owners are worried that it’s somehow going to lose them business, but I don't think any of us are going to stop buying gas,” Kagan said. “We'll just feel better about not being ripped off.”

Kagan said if her bill passes, it will not cost station owners anything. If new signs are needed, gasoline suppliers must provide those to comply with the law.

The Senate Finance Committee will here Kagan’s bill Friday. The House of Delegates version goes before the Economic Matters Committee Thursday.

Reported by Susan Hogan, produced by Meredith Royster and edited by Perkins Broussard.

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