Howard Law Graduates Start Initiative to End Police Brutality

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Howard University School of Law graduates created an organization to eradicate police brutality.

For many, the graphic and brutal killing of George Floyd was a breaking point propelling them to act, including Nadine Jones, a mother and graduate of Howard Law.

“We simply could not absorb anymore crisis without action,” she said.

She took action by creating THE INITIATIVE: Advancing the Blue and Black Partnership, which brings the community and city leaders together with police for candid conversations.

“To create a vision of community policing for that particular community in a collaborative, joint vision where there is buy in by the key stakeholders and so now there’s ownership,” Jones said.

Communities of color can express to police how they want to be policed and their concerns. In kind, police can express their fears and concerns.

The hope is policies and practices toward people of color will change.

“If folks could just get what’s on their chest out right now and then start to come away with action items, it will help,” said Donnie Shaw, a father of two.

Shaw has a daughter and a son who he says he’s constantly speaking with about how to interact with police because he fears his son could be a casualty of police brutality, a common concern in the black community.

“Make sure he has his car registration and insurance card prepared and to listen more than talk,” Shaw said.

Jones said her goal is to bridge the divide between police and communities of color so cities are safer for everyone.

While they’re still in the beginning stages of their mission, Jones said many police chiefs and mayors in the D.C. region are committed to working with her organization.

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