Hillary Supporters Launch Online Campaign for 2016 Run

Hillary Clinton hasn't announced whether she will run for president in 2016, but her husband is already running for the position of first lady. Well, a mascot version of him is., a political action committee of Hillary Clinton supporters, launched a pair of online ads Tuesday, supporting Clinton if she decides to run. 

In one of the videos, young girls run through various scenes while giving the former first lady reasons why she should return to the White House as president.

"When we grow up we want choice. President Hillary will be our voice," two girls say.

In the second video, a "homesick", "bobble-head" Bill Clinton -- decked out in a red dress and matching heels -- urges voters to return him to the White House. The Bill Clinton mascot is then shown rallying in several cities while holding a “Bill for First Lady 2016” campaign sign and a purse.

The group hopes their humorous campaign will energize young voters.The PAC has also launched an online petition with a goal of getting the signatures of 100,000 supporters.

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