Here Are Some Alternatives to Metrorail Amid Service Cuts

Here are a few ideas on affordable options as the majority of Metrorail cars are out of service during inspections

People board a Metrobus as two people riding Capital Bikeshare bikes ride past
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As Metrorail service cuts continue "at least" through Sunday because of a derailment investigation, thousands of riders are seeing delays to their daily commutes.

Trains will run every 30 minutes, even during rush hour, on every line with the exception of the Red Line, where trains will run every 15 minutes.

Metro advised that riders consider alternatives to Metrorail, including riding Metrobus. Here are a few ideas on affordable options.

DC Circulator

The D.C. Circulator is one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to travel along popular routes in the District. For just $1, commuters can hop on from Georgetown, L’Enfant Plaza, Congress Heights and more. Six routes connect to much of the District, and Circulator buses come every 10 minutes. 

Frequent service buses, which run every 12 minutes, cover much of the city and include popular lines like the 30 series, which runs along Wisconsin and Pennsylvania avenues, and the 90 series, which can be accessed by most neighborhoods in central D.C. A comprehensive list of popular bus routes can be found here


Metrobus offers a broad scope of service, with hundreds of routes covering D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Fares for regular rides are $2. 


For help navigating the D.C. bus system, put the desired destination into a public transportation app such as Citymapper. Citymapper provides step-by-step directions to each bus stop and sends an alert when it’s time to get off. Metro also offers an app with route maps and live transportation updates

Bikes and Scooters

For more flexible commuting options, try a bike or scooter to get around the District. 

Capital Bikeshare docks cover many neighborhoods, and a 30-minute ride costs $2.50 without a membership. More information about fares and locations can be found here. Companies Lime and Helbiz offer dockless bikes. More information can be found in their apps.

Scooters are useful for short trips and thousands are available through the apps of companies Bird, Lime, Lyft, and Spin. Rates vary by company. 

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