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Hashish Found Hidden in Chocolates at Dulles Airport

Customs officers inspecting luggage at Washington Dulles International Airport thought something seemed off about chocolates in a woman's luggage. 

They searched the treats and found hashish inside. 

During a routine secondary inspection on Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers realized that the four boxes weighing nearly 6 pounds didn't contain only chocolate. A substance inside tested positive for THC/hashish, CBP said Thursday. 

Ahdieh Bassam, a 49-year-old Iranian who lives in Oak Hill, Virginia, was charged with possession of a controlled substance. It wasn't immediately clear if she had a lawyer. 

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CBP's Baltimore field operations director said officers are always looking for travelers who try to sneak in illegal substances. 

“Customs and Border Protection officers know that people will try a wide variety of creative concealment methods to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States, and it is our job to intercept these smuggling attempts,” Casey Durst said in a statement. 

CBP officers turned Bassam and the chocolate over to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police.

She is now behind bars, and not the chocolate kind. 

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