Car Windows Smashed at Metro Station for Disabled Parking Permits

Someone is smashing car windows at a Metro station to steal disabled parking permits rather than cash or even electronics.

“They just reach in there and take the handicap sticker and that's all they’re taking," said a woman whose window was busted and permit taken at the Morgan Boulevard station last week.

She has back issues and can't walk for long periods but she's parking away from the disabled spaces because she is afraid her car will be broken into again.

Riders at the station are disgusted

"It's just like, what's next?” Rochelle Smallwood said. “If you get that low to take somebody's placard, that really means you have nothing better to do."

Metro confirmed five vehicles were broken in to Tuesday for permits.

"Someone told me that they steal them and sell them for like $50 each,” rider Ava Fuller said. “I think that's despicable."

This kind of crime is happening to a small percentage of cars, Metro said, and crime in parking lots is trending downward.

Metro said it can install temporary cameras if needed, but so far there’s no indication it will.

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