Grab Your Gloves! Snowball Fight in Dupont Circle

20150217 Snowball2
Robin Fader, News4

Do piles of fresh snow exhilarate you? Or, are you #SnowOverIt? Either way, the D.C. Snowball Fight Association (DCSFA) has a playful solution -- SNOWBALL FIGHT!

The DCSFA (yes, that's a reall thing) will host a snowy battle at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in Dupont Circle.

If you're a snow enthusiast, get ready to dodge, dip and dive through the blankets of white! If you’re sick of the snow and impatiently awaiting spring, join the battle to release your frustration in a fun, silly way.

Dress accordingly: DCSFA will present the "best costumed" snowballer with a $100 gift card. Participants can also warm up and (maybe) call a truce with the opposing team at the after party. (Check the official Facebook page for updated details.)

As snow continues to fall on the District throughout the day, grab your gloves, buckle your boots, strap on your snow pants, and head to Dupont to battle!

Just be sure to follow DCSFA's guidelines:

  • Respect any requests made by police.
  • Play fair, and don't throw ice.
  • Wear any protective gear that you think you might need (such as goggles).
  • Don't hit moving vehicles.
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