Good Humor Shortage Puts Ice Cream Man in Bad Mood

Toasted Almond, Candy Center Crunch and Chocolate Eclair bars are scarce

The first heat wave of summer in the Northeast is putting fans of certain Good Humor bars in a bad mood.

Parent company Unilever PLC said Wednesday that a springtime sales spike and the pending shutdown of a Hagerstown, Md., factory have made it hard to supply ice cream trucks with three varieties that are especially popular in the region.

They are the Toasted Almond, Candy Center Crunch and Chocolate Eclair bars.

The British-Dutch conglomerate says all the problems should be resolved by mid-summer.

That's little comfort to Brian Collis of Latham, N.Y. He says the Good Humor supply problems have taken a 5 percent bite out of his Mr. Ding-a-Ling ice cream truck sales.

According to the Herald-Mail, the Hagerstown factory is scheduled to close on July 27, leaving 391 hourly and salaried employees without jobs.

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