Goddard Space Flight Center Employee Accused of Trying to Record Video Up Colleague's Dress

An employee of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland is under investigation for using a video pen to record video up the skirt of a female colleague.

Court filings submitted by a special agent with the NASA Office of Inspector General reveal the feds seized the man's phone, tablet, computer and a "video recording pen."

According to the court filings, the suspect is believed to have attempted to make surreptitious "recordings of the inside of the victim's dress and genitalia during a meeting." The victim felt the suspect was "crowding" up against her during a September meeting in an office in Building 8 of the NASA Goddard campus in Greenbelt, Maryland, the court flings said. She "felt something touch her upper thigh in the rear beneath her dress." Shortly after reacting to the touch, she saw a black and silver pen fall to the floor, according to the filing from a federal agent investigating the case.

The victim reported other suspicious behavior at an Oct. 26 meeting in Building 8. According to the court filings, the victim reported seeing her colleague "slouching in his chair and typing with one hand on his laptop and his other hand beneath the table." The court fillings said the victim snapped a photo with her camera beneath the table to attempt to photograph the "upskirting" incident.

A spokesman for NASA declined to comment on whether the employee under investigation has been placed on administrative leave.

"Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot comment on the employment status of a particular employee," the spokesman said.

Though court filings specify the name of the suspect and said the suspect has been questioned and has admitted taking upskirt photos and videos, the records do not specify if he has yet been charged with a crime.

A spokeswoman for the NASA Office of Inspector General declined to comment.

Federal agents conducted a search at the suspect's Maryland apartment, the court filings said. The items seized, including the video recording pen, are being held at a law enforcement lockup on the NASA Goddard campus, according to filings.

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