Giant Trump Sign Posted on Pennsylvania Avenue

Celebrity real estate mogul Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy Tuesday, but he's already left a big mark on Washington.

A sign with Trump's famous last name printed in giant letters appears on a construction site on Pennsylvania Avenue, halfway between the White House and the Capitol building on America's main street.

The oversize sign with letters at least 3 feet high is affixed near 12th Street NW to the construction site of the Old Post Office Building, which Trump is converting into a $200 million luxury hotel.

"It's really big. Really, really, really big," a woman walking in downtown D.C. offered as a review of the sign.

Signage is strictly regulated to be discreet on Pennsylvania Avenue, but federal officials said a temporary construction sign like Trump's is not.

Only a couple visiting from Texas thought the sign was too small.

"No, it could be a lot bigger. He could have gotten one of those Times Square video boards," one of the tourists said.

The 270-room hotel in the third-tallest building in the District is scheduled to open in late 2016, maybe just in time for Trump to book guests for his inauguration.

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