Gas Prices Getting Cheaper

You may have done a double-take last time you passed your local filling station, and noticed just how low prices have sunk since pushing past $4 this Spring.

AAA says a combination of factors has led to the second week of declining gas prices regionally and nationally.

Global recession fears pushed the price of crude oil down to $78.95 at the close of the week, a continued slide that translates to cheaper gas.

In addition, producers are switching over from the summer blend gasoline, more expensive to produce, to the cheaper autumn/winter blend.  AAA spokesperson John Townsend said wholesale gas prices have dropped 40-cents since the start of September.

In the D.C. suburbs, AAA says the average gallon cost $3.48 this week.  In the city, prices averaged at $3.63.

Prices in D.C. peaked in May at $4.28.

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