First Flickr, Now Twitter … Is eHarmony Next?

Old Bush account, followers are gone

The Obama Administration continued its Internet stampede Friday by opening its official White House Twitter account.

This comes just days after the White House opened its official Flickr account, and presumably it only will be a few days until we see the official White House eHarmony account.  ("ISO large bags of money to pay off the national debt"?)

Turns out the Bush Administration Twitter account (yes, they had one @thewhitehouse) was wiped out and @whitehouse was started anew.

So what historic moment was used for the new White House's first twat?

Beside the obligatory "Welcome to the official Twitter page for the White House!", the Obama Administration's Thomas Edison moment was ... the pig flu, of course.

"Check out the CDC website ( or @CDCemergency to learn more about H1N1 flu (swine flu), as well as prevention tips."

Not quite "Mary Had a Little Lamb," eh?


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Don't worry, Obama-maniacs, the good stuff wasn't far away. After another swine flu update, the administration got back to the real business of the day: playing hoops with the UConn women's team.

"Shooting Around With the Huskies: The President shot a few hoops with the undefeated women's basketball national.."

Apparently they haven't figured out the whole 140-character limit yet. Maybe Obama's teleprompter can show them how it's done.

The White House Rundown:

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