Woman Rescued From SUV in Lake in Montgomery County

A woman was rescued from a small SUV after it was driven into a lake in Montgomery County Thursday afternoon.

A teenage boy was driving a car carrying his mother and teenage brother when it went into Lake Marion for unknown reasons. Another car crashed into a tree apparently trying to avoid the SUV, News4’s Melissa Mollet reported.

Mollet's brother Ryan and his brother-in-law Joe Bradley were playing golf at the time and heard all the commotion. Without knowing exactly what was happening, both men immediately jumped into the lake to rescue the family. 

"She was almost afraid to get out of the car," Bradley said. "One of her sons had already gotten out at the time, and he said, 'Help my mom.' 

It appears only minor injuries were suffered in each vehicle.

"You'd think someone will do the same thing for us, so we were just lucky to be here at the right time," Bradley said.

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