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Fall Gardening: Keep Your Curb Appeal on Point With These Tips

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It's getting cooler, but contrary to what you might think, autumn is actually a great time to plant.

Colin Kuhn, general manager with American Plant in Bethesda, Maryland, is sharing some tips on how to keep your curb appeal on point this fall.

From now until early November, Kuhn says you should fertilize your plants and lawn.

"As soil temperatures cool, plants still have a lot of root growth," Kuhn said. "They have a lot of root growth into the fall because they're storing nutrients to get all the way through the winter, so it's important to do a nice fall fertilizing."

With Mother Nature's help, you'll likely be doing less watering than you would in the summer. Moisture-rich soil allows for ample time and space for plants to develop strong roots.

Kuhn also recommends fresh mulch to lock in that moisture and prevent weeds. However, don't go overboard, he said.

"You never want to do more than one or two inches," Kuhn said. "Anything more than that isn't necessarily beneficial, and always remember to stay away from the stem of the plant."

What should we be planting right now?

In terms of trees, maples and redbuds will give you lots of color. For shrubs, think azaleas, boxwoods and holly.

Get these established now, and they’ll look great in the spring.

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