Fairfax Market Sold Synthetic Marijuana to College Students With IDs: Police

Shop keeper accused of selling K2

You could get your hands on the banned synthetic drug K-2 in Fairfax, police said.  You just had to show your student ID.

According to investigators, Un Y. Lahr, a shop keeper at Lee's Market on Braddock Road near George Mason University, was selling synthetic marijuana products banned in the state of Virginia.

Fairfax County Police said someone tipped them off that the market would sell to college students and teenagers who showed school identification cards.  An undercover agent was sent into Lee's Market, police said, and was able to make several purchases of K2.

In March, Gov. Bob McDonnell signed a bill that outlawed the production or sale of synthetic marijuana in the state.  The drug has been linked with high levels of agitation and seizures.

On November 3, officers executed a search warrant at Lee's Market, and said they discovered a cache of K2, cash, and drug paraphernalia.  In addition to the business, police searched two residences owned by Lahr, and discovered more synthetic pot.  The street value of the haul totaled $20,000.

Lahr, a resident of Burke, has been arrested and charged with possession and distribution of synthetic marijuana.  She's also charged with maintaining a common nuisance.

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