‘El trágico accidente': Man killed when car crashes into his Laurel apartment

Fredy Tenas Silva, age 56, was asleep in his bedroom when a car crashed through the side of his apartment building.

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A car barreled into a Laurel apartment on Saturday morning, leaving a massive hole in the side of the building -- still there on Monday.

But the hole left in the aftermath of the crash doesn't compare to the void left in Edgar Tenas Gonzalez's heart, knowing his father Fredy Tenas Silva was killed in an instant.

"Me siento todavía en shock por el trágico accidente que sufrió mi padre," Tenas Gonzalez told News4. He still feels shock over the tragic accident that his father suffered.

Tenas Gonzalez is still processing the devastating death of a hardworking and caring man.

A driver crashed a car into the side of the apartment building on Kay Court just before 2 a.m. on Saturday.

Silva, 56, who was asleep in his bedroom during the impact, was killed in that crash.

Two days later, Tenas Gonzalez spent his Monday at the Guatemalan Consulate in Rockville trying to figure out next steps in repatriating his father's remains to Silva's native Guatemala.

Tenas Gonzalez's brother, Juan, was also inside the apartment during the crash.

"Le agradezco a dios porque a mi hermano no - el salió ileso. Esta vivo," Tenas Gonzalez said. He thanks God because his brother wasn't hurt. He got out, and he's still alive.

Laurel police say they're still working to piece together the events leading up to the deadly crash.

"We're looking into any possibility as to why this vehicle left the roadway," Laura Guenin, public information officer for the Laurel Police Department, told News4.

"Yo lo que exigo es justicia," Tenas Gonzalez said. What he needs is justice.

His father spent more than two decades in Laurel and was most recently working at a nearby car wash. Silva leaves behind a wife and five children.

"Le mando un abrazo hasta el cielo," Tenas Gonzalez said. He sends a hug up above to his father and prays that he rests in peace.

The family has set up an online fundraiser to help with Silva's funeral and repatriation costs.

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