Deeds' Strategy: Constantly Shout “Washington Post!!!”

In 2009, a print newspaper endorsement could singlehandedly bring about a historic political upset

Is the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary's hottest potato, Creigh Deeds, going a little overboard with this constant referencing of his Washington Post newspaper endorsement? No, obviously! Those choice square inches of weekend edition pulp shot him from third place into the lead, for free! One simply cannot comprehend 03nbchow many drinks Creigh Deeds owes the Washington Post.

And if you think he's going to stop milking the endorsement anytime soon, well, watch this brand new ad. Creigh Deeds has calculated the volume, and there is much milk left in this billy goat:

Jesus. He might as well have ended with a plug for subscription deals!

Deeds loves his precious newspaper endorsement so much that he's spending all of his $4 total in campaign cash to buy expensive northern Virginia air time for this ad, every day and night through the primary. Because northern Virginian's read the Post! And the Post endorsed him! Creigh Deeds!

Prepare, northern Virginia television watchers, to experience night terrors involving a red-eyed Creigh Deeds threatening to run you over with a tractor if you don't upgrade your Sunday-only Post subscription to the seven-day option.

But this will still be nothing compared to the media blitz of his opponent, rich human Terry McAuliffe. Terry McAuliffe's campaign is rich, and he personally is rich times infinity. HOW RICH is Terry McAuliffe? Terry McAuliffe's SO RICH that... that if he let anyone know how rich he was, people would hurt his kids out of jealousy and confusion!

When asked to disclose his net worth, Mr. McAuliffe declined, citing a variety of reasons including the safety of his children.

That rich.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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