SB Georgia Ave. Closed Through Evening in Wheaton

Southbound Georgia Avenue will remain closed in Wheaton, Md., through the Thursday evening rush hour because of a broken water main.

The broken water main poured an estimated 4 million gallons of water onto the streets of Wheaton beginning before 5 a.m. Wednesday

Although the pipe itself was only 16 inches, the amount of water and the pressure of the flow was enough to crack pavement and flood several streets.

After a search, WSSC located the source of the break at Georgia Avenue and Weismann Road, where the road was buckled by the pressure.

Flowing water shut down traffic on Georgia Avenue during the morning rush.  Even after the flow as shut off, an inch of silt and mud remained in the roadway.

Crews worked through the night to repair the broken water main. They had difficulties shutting off the water, and Georgia Avenue was undermined, hampering repairs, according to WSSC.

Southbound Georgia Avenue will remain closed between Randolph Road and Henderson Avenue until late Thursday evening.

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