D.C. to New York in an Hour?

The Post has a somewhat premature story up about the possibility of a high speed train that could take passengers from D.C. to New York in an hour.

We say "premature" because author Catherine Ho takes pains to point out repeatedly that details haven't been worked out, there's no official timeline or reported backers, and the firm involved, Northeast Maglev, hasn't even met with MTA officials.

But whatever, let's all daydream about it anway! (And honestly, magnetic levitation trains just sound pretty cool.)

Just in case you were wondering, Ted Leonsis has thoughts. On his blog, the D.C. sports magnate writes: "As a dedicated Acela customer, I hope this is true. D.C. to Baltimore in 15 minutes, D.C. to NYC in 60 minutes – that would be perfect! Investing in infrastructure and transportation services is smart and necessary for growing our economy."

Well, if Ted's on board...

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