Texas Hold ‘Em With a Twist in D.C.

Online gaming is indeed on the way to Washington, but there are a few catches.

First, players will have to physically be within the city's borders to play.  Although game play will take place via an online connection, the technology will shut out players trying to ante up from out of District.

Second, players will have to bring their laptops to designated hot spots to get dealt in.  The city will be setting up these hot spots in stores, bars, and other locations.

Players will also be asked to register, in order to verify their age.

The only game city officials named in the new gambling project is Texas Hold 'Em.  Authorities said that free sample games will be rolled out this summer.  The games for money will be arriving in the fall. 

The city has a contract with tech company Intralot, which will go to work on this project.  The city says no outside firms will have to be hired.

At-large Council member Michael A. Brown said that the District needs online gaming to stay competitive with nearby states.  He noted West Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland all have casinos, industries that are grabbing potential revenue for the District.

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